Copyright 2020 Alex Makas, radicalmonday <at> lᴉɐɯƃ <dot> com, theme published under GPL-2.0+.


A clean theme incorporating ideas surrounding the concept behind bullseye. Created in Inkscape SVG format.

Current Progress

This is a work in progress, I will try to complete all the required elements, but this what I have so far. Source files will be uploaded once everything is finished.

A simple gradient background with a smooth wave like swirl, representing the flowing mane of a horse while it is in motion. Debian logo is enclosed in a circle border to represent a bullseye.


A muted version may be included for people who don't like vibrant colors.


A horse in motion, created using triangles for aesthetic purposes. First an outline of a horse was drawn and then triangles were placed over to recreate the shape.



A debian bullseye logo using Lora font, with the two ls in bullseye representing the version number surrounded by a circle to represent a bullseye. This will not be used as the main wallpaper but the text may appear in certain areas like box art.


Redesigned logo that I am leaning towards for certain elements like box art.


All of the displayed elements will be combined together to create a comprehensive theme.