Debian Ciel 2.2

Authors and Contributers:

Whoever wants to join! Currently,

Design: Amir Dizdarevińá (discontinued contribution to Ciel for the following reasons.

Technical: Jon Dowland

Hosting: Yves-Alexis Perez, Jordan Metzmeier, Valessio Brito

The theme now has 2 distinct versions:

* Debian Ciel with the pinkish Debian icon * Debian Ciel Discreet with the dark gray icons

Ciel means sky in French, which is sort of the motto of this theme with its aim to be light on the eye. The theme provides wallpapers for both 4:3 and 16:9, as well as a gdm, bootsplash and grub background, a kdm theme, a ksplash theme and debian icons based on Tango. Screenshots and mock-ups will show the 16:9 version. The theme is public domain, so do with it whatever you want. Note however that the Debian logo used in it has its own license ( The kdm and ksplash themes are basically rip offs of other themes and have to therefore be GPLed.

I would kindly ask anyone to contribute, as coding boot splash and similar endeavours are not my kind of thing. See TODO section. Thank you! :)

Notes to packagers start with the bold word PACK:, whereas notes to packagers of needed dependencies in regards to possible config changes start with a word describing the package, e.g. GNOME: or KDE:, or will have a note such as DEP:.



Check out the theme using our git:


Without Sources

These are archives without sources.

Debian Ciel 2.2. (with the pinkish logos) 3.62 MB

Debian Ciel Discreet 2.2. (with the gray logos)

The files say 1.2.2., but this is just a typo. Sorry! :D

Both Flavours With Sources 8.34 MB

Previous Versions (Theme and Sources)

Previous 2.0 version, hosting courtesy of ?JordanMetzmeier: 3.97 MB

Previous 2.0 version with a grey Debian icon, hosting courtesy of Yves-Alexis Perez: 2.82 MB

Previous 1.2 version: 2.06 MB

Packages [UNDONE!]

Hopefully soon...


2.2. - 2010.10.23

2.1. - 2010.10.14

2.0. - 2010.10.13

1.2. - 2010.09.17

1.1. - 2010.09.17

1.0. - 2010.09.16


Ciel Wallpaper

Ciel Discrete Wallpaper

PACK: Not packaged yet.

Boot Splash [UNDONE!]

There is no bootsplash/plymouth/usplash/splashy code, but feel free to make it from the image provided. I have plans to make Plymouth code.

Ciel Bootsplash

The idea is for the logo to "pulsate" (this could be achieved by making an animation with the dark shadow growing/retreating).

Grub Background [UNDONE!]

Screenshot coming soon... It's basically the wallpaper minus the logo.

GRUB: Change background to proposed wallpaper; Set matching foreground colour (something like a very dark grey maybe?)

Login Managers

The login managers now all have the backgrounds without a logo to make a much cooler transition. In KDE4 the transition looks very nice with the logo fading in.


Ciel GDM Theme


I've changed the logo you see when GDM start up from computer to the start-here.png icon to suit the theme. That would require the packager of GDM to change said setting in case this theme gets selected.

See Icon theme for the icon change.

PACK: Not packaged yet. GDM: Change background to proposed. GDM: Change top logo to start-here.png .


This is a rip off of the default KDM theme with the background changed to the proposed wallpaper and also a brand new login panel.

Ciel KDM Theme

PACK: Not packaged yet. KDM: Change default KDM theme to proposed.


I've finally completed the SLiM theme, too.

Ciel SLiM Theme

PACK: Not packaged yet. SLIM: Change default SLIM theme to proposed.



This is a rip off of the default KDE splash with just the background changed to the proposed wallpaper.

Ciel KDE Splash

PACK: Not packaged yet. KSPLASH: Change default KSplash theme to proposed.


A simple splash image for Gnome. Since this is not used by default anymore, I didn't bother to update this one.

Ciel Gnome Splash

PACK: Not packaged yet. (Are we keeping this at all?)


?: Change default mouse cursor theme to dmz-cursor-theme.

Since all other theming will be discontinued for Squeeze and the defaults will be retained, I didn't add any other screenshots.


No changes to the theme, thus the default Oxygen themes and icons. The KMenu icon has been changed to the Debian icon. KDM and Ksplash themes are above.


Ciel KDE Screenshot

KDE: Change default KDE menu start icon to proposed; Include icon into own package (or another?).


The default LXDE icon was changed to the proposed pinkish Debian logo.

Ciel LXDE Screenshot

LXDE: Change default GTK icon theme to debian-ciel-tango LXDE: Change /usr/share/lxde/images/logout-banner.png to proposed. LXDE: Change /usr/share/lxde/images/lxde-icon.png to proposed.


XFCE: Change default GTK icon theme to debian-ciel-tango XFCE: Change start menu icon to Debian logo: /usr/share/icons/debian-ciel-tango/scalable/places/start-here.svg

Debian Tango Icon Theme

This is basically the Tango Icon theme with a Debian icon to achieve branding.

PACK: Not packaged yet. DEP: Tango Icon Theme.



CD Cover [UNDONE!]

A front cover has been provided.


Debian Installer

A nice installer banner


GUI INSTALLER: Change banner image to proposed.



Public Domain, except for the Debian Logo:

and the KDM and KSplash themes (see their README).


None at the moment.

Discussion and Feedback

A semi-official discussion board can be found here: