Debian Ciel 2

Author: Amir Dizdarevińá and whoever else joins...

Ciel means sky in French, which is sort of the motto of this theme with its aim to be light on the eye. The theme provides wallpapers for both 4:3 and 16:9, as well as a gdm, bootsplash and grub background, a kdm theme, a ksplash theme and a dark grey debian icon with instructions what icons to replace to achieve Debian branding. Screenshots and mock-ups will show the 16:9 version. The theme is public domain, so do with it whatever you want. Note however that the Debian logo used in it has its own license ( The kdm and ksplash themes are basically rip offs of other themes and have to therefore be GPLed.

I would kindly ask anyone to contribute, as coding boot splash and similar endeavours are not my kind of thing. See TODO section. Thank you! :)

Get the archive from here: 2.82 MB

The previous version was very depressing with its rather desaturated blue, thus the new, happier version. You can still find the old version in the link below. I have orphaned it and left it to rot :) 2.06 MB

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Last update: 13th Oct 2010

The file names and folders should be self-explanatory.


2.0 - 2010.10.13

1.2. - 2010.09.17

1.1. - 2010.09.17

1.0. - 2010.09.16

Wallpaper / grub / GDM Background

I've joined these three in order to simplify the theme and make for a more seamless boot transition


Notes for GDM:

I've changed the logo you see when GDM start up from computer to the start-here.png icon to suit the theme. But that is not all -- I presume that this icon in Tango has the usual bordeaux Debian logo by default and think we should substitute it for the dark grey one. See the screenshots for reference:



Boot Splash

There is no bootsplash/plymouth/usplash/splashy code, but feel free to make it from the image provided:


The idea is for the logo to "pulsate" (this could be achieved by making an animation with the dark shadow growing/retreating).

KDM Theme

This is a rip off of the default KDM theme with just the background changed to the proposed wallpaper.


SLiM Theme

Coming soon... I will make an entire SLiM theme. The folder Slim in the archive is just a placeholder.


A simple splash image for Gnome. Since this is not used by default anymore, I didn't bother to update this one.



This is a rip off of the default KDE splash with just the background changed to the proposed wallpaper.




I've changed the default theme to ?MurrinaAquaish to make Ciel brighter. Metacity was changed to Murrine Rounded. Gnome-brave was sort of too blue, so I changed it to Tango. The mouse cursor is the standard dmz white. I think the theme changes demand the standard Gnome notification-daemon instead the initially proposed notify-osd. They are all available in vanilla Debian with these dependencies:

The panels are using the system theme.






No changes to the theme, thus the default Oxygen themes and icons. The KMenu icon has been changed to the proposed dark grey Debian icon. KDM and Ksplash themes are above.




The panel has been changed to system theme. I also made a new logout splash. The default LXDE icon was changed to the proposed dark grey Debian logo. GTK and icons should be as in Gnome and the Openbox theme should be Clearlooks.





Debian Icon

This dark grey icon is provided to achieve branding.


CD Cover

A front cover has been provided.


Debian Installer

A nice installer banner




Public Domain, except for the Debian Logo:

and the KDM and KSplash themes (see their README).



Please add your e-mail if you participate.

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