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Sorry to host it on Megaupload, but I have no idea how to use svn.
Feel free to redistribute and repackage it!

Debian Ciel

Ciel means sky in French, and while my theme has little to do with skies, it is nevertheless very light on the eye. Images for both 4:3, as well as 16:9 are provided. Screenshots will show the 16:9 version. The theme is public domain, so do with it whatever you want. I would kindly ask anyone to contribute, as coding boot splash and similar endeavours are not my kind of thing. Thank you! Get the archive from here:


Sorry to host it on Megaupload, but I have no idea how to use svn. Feel free to redistribute and repackage it!

The file names and folders should be self-explanatory.

grub2 Screen

Included are a simple background for the classic Grub experience, as it is now in Debian:


The other one is a slick background for those of you who want to tinker and achieve a more modern look:


Here is a possible mockup:


Boot Splash

There is no bootsplash/plymouth/usplash/splashy code, but feel free to make it from the images provided:


The idea is for the logo to "pulsate" (this could be achieved by making an animation with the dark shadow growing/retreating).

gdm3 Background

A simple, light background for gdm3. I don't think we should use the legacy gdm anymore.


SLiM Theme

Coming soon... I will make an entire SLiM theme.

GSplash (KSplash?)

A simple splash image for Gnome/KDE. As I only use Openbox, I have no idea how this works, so feel free to tinker.



It is almost the same as the gdm background, except for the logo in the middle. I have provided various sizes and ratios.



Clearlooks would be a wise choice for GTK, as well as ?ClearlooksClassic for Metacity. Gnome-brave is a suitable icon theme. They are all available in vanilla Debian. Screenshots:



CD Cover

This one I don't like particularly, but you can change it anyway you want.


Debian Installer

A nice installer banner