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[[https://i.imgur.com/OL6Ob4y.png|{{https://i.imgur.com/OL6Ob4y.png|image installer for debian jessie |width=480}}|target="_blank"]] [[https://i.imgur.com/aaw0gEC.png|{{https://i.imgur.com/aaw0gEC.png|image installer for debian jessie |width=480}}|target="_blank"]]

The Sky blue Jessie

image installer for debian jessie

Author : Federico Mosquera <fedemos AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> License: GPL-2.0+


image wallpepper for debian jessie

Wallpapper alternative

image wallpepper alternativefor debian jessie


image CD/DVD debian jessie

Cover CD/DVD

image Cover CD/DVD debian jessie

in construction