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FixMe: Write more about Moreblue2:
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FixMe: Update list:

Artwork Lenny

FixMe: Write more about Moreblue2: Lenny is a personage "[http://images.google.com/images?q=lenny+binoculars The Binoculars ~ Toy Story 2]" and code name Release Debian GNU/Linux 4.0.

Artwork customized

FixMe: Update list: The artwork should have the following constraints:

  • GRUB 2: 640x480, RGB (24bit)
  • Isolinux: 640x300, 4bit (16 colors) view ?DebianDesktopMakeSysImageEtch

  • Debian installer: 800x75, 16bit (65536 colors) + a gtk theme to match the colours of the image (the theme must be stripped and default custom buttons will not be used - see the [http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/09/msg01203.html discussion about the stripped Bladr theme])

  • Bootsplash: 800x600, 16bit (65536 colors) (This is vga=788)
  • Usplash: any size, 256 colors
  • Splashy: 800x600, 16bit( 65536 colors)
  • GDM theme: *FIXME*
  • Desktop wallpaper: 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 (2 different ratio for people using 16/10 screens), 16bit (65536 colors) FIXME, Is 16bit OK?
  • Menu icons (e.g. K icon, or GNOME foot)
  • Desktop Splash screen: 420x293, 16bit (65536 colors)
  • CD/DVD labels: *FIXME*
  • Gamma: Please gamma-correct all this artwork. 0.45 (not 2.2).








KDE Theme

XFCE Theme