_______---~ MOSA theme ~---_______

Try the wallpaper now! :-) ( after click on "Download" - ctrl+s to save file as svg ;-)) - (this test is optimized for 16/9 screen format!)


- Author.

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- Concept / Process.

Hello there!

I was thinking that the swirl can be or can replace a letter in the Debian word...

I tried, with the "e", the "a", the "n"... it works with the "d" too... Following the position each letter can be replaced by the swirl... :-)

For a logo, the first letter is perfect...

The "new" swirl as a "d" can be a potential logo, but, I think we need a transition, it is why we can see both "logo" the " potential old swirl" and the "potential new swirl" together.

I let historical color on "i" and on swirl.

I try lot of combination, I tried a new logo, new colors... but after few test, I simply prefer link old logo with this creation, I think it is important.

We can see a "mosaic swirl" fading after the center, it is why the theme name is "MOSA".

Mosaic represent diversity, swirl represent infinity, we can imagine the power behind the mix between diversity and infinity... the whole Debian community...

Concerning the colors, I like the mixed between white, "red" and blue, I hope you too.

It is a will to not have gradient as we see gradient everywhere, every time during years... Gradient are beautiful, but sometimes little bit change is cool too, some kind of fresh air... :P

If we have imagination, we can see a light-bulb in background, the mix between mosaic and the "11" ("11" two stroke as mosaic too)

We can see some kind of explosion, fireworks too... Explosion of sharing :P

"11" as a part of mosaic is an advise by some people from the community. (thanks to them).

I would like to participate to Debian adventure, so I let this part of my time through this creation.

I hope you enjoy.

*** Font used is HACK.

Hack is a free, open source typeface for source code that is licensed under the Hack Open Font License v2.0 and the Bitstream Vera license.

The font repository is located at: https://github.com/chrissimpkins/Hack thanks to Chris Simpkins.

*** Concerning tools, I use Gimp, Inkscape to help me in that creation.

To create the "new swirl", the "d", I use filter, render, pattern, spiral in Gimp, for example, I use game of light with filter light and shadow, and different layer style/mode...

*** I do not create a GTK theme, I don't know how to do it (for the moment).

But, if I can suggest a theme, Prof-Gnome-theme is so beautiful. https://www.gnome-look.org/p/1334194/ thanks to paulxfce.

Concerning icon theme I use Suru++ white icons, magnificient... https://www.gnome-look.org/p/1238162/ thanks to gusreis1989.

Thank you to all Gimp & Inkscape dev. too.


- Mockups/Previews.

Wallpaper / logo example 1:


a blink behind "ebian" double stroke as eleven, the future version, integrated as mosaic too.

Login screen example 1:


Login with SDDM example 1:


GNOME Desktop with Prof-Gnome-theme light & Suru++ white icon & dash to dock as docklet example 1:


Grub example 1:


KDE desktop example 1:



*(for sticker we can use LOGO without background...)

* MUGs what's better than begining the day with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee with our customized Debian mug !! :-)

* colors-examples-for-logo-sticker-mugs-T-shirt...

My MUG my color ! :P

My T-shirt my color ! :P

Hey! A sticker on my laptop, great ! :P

* sticker-on-laptop-example


- Source data / all my file as zip.

Source data in Inkscape/GIMP ... format is available.

* In source zip file everything with different quality level, all the job... Ready to be integrated to Bullseye XI :-)


I let some other example of wallpaper link I've created too:



Here, as you can see, I transform our loved penguin in "D", if we have imagination, we can read "DO" "D" of penguin + debian logo as "O":



* Do not hesitate to contact me if there is something to change on this theme. (ex: quality, color...)


Thanks to all Debian contributor for this beautiful Operating System.

I hope science/IT will continue to be free for our children.

Thanks JC