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Licenses: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, GNU GPL v2 Licenses: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, GNU GPL v2 at user’s choice.
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Lastest version : [[attachment:Lines_2014-09-08.zip]] Lastest version : [[attachment: Lines_2014-12-04.zip]]

Lines Theme

License :

Author : Juliette Taka BELIN Copyright: 2014, Juliette Taka BELIN<juliette.belin AT SPAMFREE free DOT fr> Licenses: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, GNU GPL v2 at user’s choice.

Approach :

Debian is constantly evolving, that's why I choose to draw some construction lines. At first, I wanted to change from the usual blue, but obviously blue is still the best color for debian.

Notes :

  • Font : "Poppl Laudatio Condensed"
  • I tried to do a GTK theme but it is very technical. Maybe I can try with a picture editor
  • this shade of blue is quite unusual for Debian, but i like it. However, it can be modified

Sources :



Lastest version : Lines_2014-12-04.zip

Proposal :

Wallpaper :


Login :


Bootscreen :

Grub : attachment:lines_grub_empty.png Isolinux/syslinux : attachment:IsoLinux.png

Plymouth : attachment:plymouth.PNG

Installer :


CD :

attachment:CD.png attachment:CD_Cover.png

Alternative : attachment:CD_Cover_alternative.png

Website banner :