Dots And Swing Theme

Theme n° 2 (version a)

License :

Author : madeinkobaia Copyright: 2014, madeinkobaia <madeinkobaia AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Description :

Same Debian "dots" logo than I created and used on my previous theme : Here I created a more rich decor and used decoratives patterns. The "8" of the Jessie's version is also more visible (but still suggested) in the center of the logo. "Debian" text in the bottom don't have to be considered as a real "Debian" brand text but only as another ornamental element (anyway it can be removed too). Various combinations are possibles so any suggestions and remarks are welcome ! Don't hesitate also to check my homepage (I already done many Debian wallpapers) :


Sources :

I will upload the logo soon (inkscape /.svg format)

Proposal :

IMPORTANT : My original working size is 2560x1440 so I will not have any problems for cropping it in other resolutions.

Wallpaper :

Theme 2 - version A attachment:debian-8_dots-and-swing_2a_by_madeinkobaia.png

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