Dots And Stars Theme

Theme n°1 Version A & B

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Author : madeinkobaia Copyright: 2014, madeinkobaia <madeinkobaia AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com> License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Description :

I started work on various variations on the Debian logo 2 years ago. Here is the "dots" logo version. That match with the "8" of the Jessie's version (who can be figured by the reunion of 2 cercles). The background is a classic "stars" scenery, with a monochromatic tone. I actualy work on other versions. Any suggestions and remarks are welcome ! Don't hesitate also to check my homepage (I already done many Debian wallpapers) :


Sources :

I will upload the logo soon (inkscape /.svg format)

Proposal :

IMPORTANT : My original working size is 2560x1440 so I will not have any problems for cropping it in other resolutions.

Wallpaper :

Version 1a : attachment:debian-8_dots-and-stars_1a_by_madeinkobaia.png Version 1b : attachment:debian-8_dots-and-stars_1b_by_madeinkobaia.png

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WIP / On request

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Grub : WIP / On request

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