Default Window border and title mods!

I haven't really come up with an entire theme, merely a few minor tweaks to the existing settings. Firstly, to keep in-step with Mark Shuttleworth and the Ubuntu team, moving the min, max, and close buttons to the left side of the titlebar. All kidding aside, I actually find having the buttons located here a convenience. They are nearer to where I might want to have my mouse pointer ie. the menubar. Secondly, setting Debian appart from the crowd, right-justifying the title text. Again this isn't just an aesthetic consideration, but adds functionality when having windows overlapping and the titlebar partially obscured. I personally prefer the Clearlooks Classic gtk theme to the new standard. The Metacity window border in the Screenshot is a hacked version of Blendish which can be gotten from the link below. I haven't uploaded my changed version as the changes are small and not that significant, and if the powers that be were to seriously consider my proposed changes I would gladly provide them. Well, that's all I have for now. Feedback is welcome.