Blue Fire


Copyright 2020, Aamna Laraib, <Laraibm62@protonmail.com>, License: GPL-2.0+


I was inspired by the use of the colour blue in previous designs, and tried to put a spin on it by adding different shades of blues in a mesh gradient.The gradient was reminiscent of a fire's glow, so I decided to make that an element to my design!


I did all the artwork on Inkscape. I only managed to finish the wallpaper for what was initially going to be a full theme, but I'm glad I was able to pitch my idea (changes can, of course, be made.). Thanks for this opportunity!


Option 1

Wallpaper 1 preview.png

Option 2

Wallpaper 2 preview.png


Source data

Source data in Inkscape/GIMP/Blender/Photoshop/myPaint format is available.