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Structure Theme Package

Proposal and specification to build a debian-package for all the theme stuff for easy installation via apt.

This idea is being built since 2008[1], was designed by artists who love debian, but do not know how to package a theme.

In 2010[3], we are again facilitating discussion about the contributions of artists to the debian project. Makes it easy to customize the desktop.

Paul Wise proposal[5] multiple themes for wheezy (next release Debian).

There is an implementation by Ulrich Hansen called desktop-theme-kit but it isn't in Debian yet.


Name of theme packages

I wrote an initial proposal[3] in this style:

Example: theme-spacefun_1.0_all.deb support:

Directory Structure

It's a proposal to standardize the directory to generate themes packaged. Being developed in: Example: /moreblue2red/