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== DDTSS ==
The DDTSS (DDTS Satellite or Debian Distributed Translation Server Satellite) is a web frontend to the DDTS email server. It provides facilities to request translations, enter a translation and review other peoples translations.
== Title ==
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I'm attaching a logo I made for DDTSS. Take it as a proposal. Comments are welcome. If anyone wants, feel free to expand on the concept or suggest other. Description, suggestions, ideas...
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 * [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2011/07/binYBfLVmrLGh.bin|DDTSS-logo.svg]] - generic SVG (for compatibility)
 * [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2011/07/binHBLzV12EVc.bin|DDTSS-logo-source.svg]] - the source SVG in Inkscape native format (for editing)

 * Mail to contact: d-i18n

-- [[helix84]] <<DateTime(2011-07-08T19:12:35Z)>>

== Modifiy example title request 2 ==
Description and references.

 * Mail to contact
 * Mail to contact: <?>

Request Artwork

If you are an artist and want to keep track of new requests, subscribe to the notification of this page.


Description, suggestions, ideas...

  • Mail to contact: <?>