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Reproducible builds logos

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JuggleMaster icons

In 726446 the addition of icons for aajm and jmdlx is requested. These packages provide two interfaces to the same tool, JuggleMaster. The tool aims to help people to learn juggle (i.e. throwing things into the air and catching them). Currently, there are no icons for JuggleMaster.

Thanks in advance!

Debian wiki: icons for fixed/open bugs

The wiki has some JavaScript to check the status of embedded bug reports and apply some CSS. The bug report links just get a normal web link icon right now. For a while I've wanted two 16x16 icons representing fixed bugs and unfixed bugs. I tried doing this myself but I failed to come up with appropriate icons. I'm hoping someone with icon design skills can create or find appropriate icons for us. You can see the feature in action here. To contribute these icons, please report a bug against the package.

Debian Long Term Support is about providing security support of Debian packages for a long period. For many, this is rather dull and boring work and it would be nice to have a team/project logo that is exactly the opposite: fun and engaging. We don't have any specific requirements (it's all about very abstract concepts and thus difficult to put into pictures) and welcome proposals.

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