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|| {{attachment:mascot2.jpg|Proposal by Davi Rohrs|width=300}} || || {{attachment:mascot2.jpg|Proposal by Davi Rohrs|width=300}} || {{http://www.debianart.org/cchost/people/rafael_alves/rafael_alves_-_Woman_Robot_Debian.png|Proposal by Rafael Alves|width=400}} ||
|| || [[http://www.debianart.org/cchost/?ccm=/files/rafael_alves/984|SVG on DebianArt.org]] ||

Mascot Debian

The main characteristics of the mascots should be:

  • Free, so it can be used without any restriction (not even trademarks);
  • lovable, this is the purpose of a mascot;
  • produced by the community, it should not be someone's baby but our community's baby.
  • Send new proposal to DebianArt.org with tag mascot, see: http://www.debianart.org/cchost/?ccm=/tags/mascot

Proposal 01 - Buzz+Woody

Proposal by Davi Rohrs

Version Color by Valessio Brito


by Davi B. Rohrs

Version Vetor SVG by @valessiobrito

Version Vetor SVG by @DRohrs

Proposal 02 - Universal Hero

Proposal by Davi Rohrs

Proposal by Rafael Alves

SVG on DebianArt.org

Proposal 03 - Universal robot

Proposal by Davi Rohrs

Proposal 04 - Debian, what else ?

Proposal by Pilou De Sousa

Proposal by Pilou De Sousa

Proposal by Pilou De Sousa

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