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Starting point page for amateur radio users using Debian. Refer to DebianHams maintainer material, encourage maintenance participation, but focus on using Debian for amateur radio.

The expectation is that appropriate material from here will get rolled into the Debian Hamradio Handbook, and that is encouraged. However, a wiki is better suited for some types of information.

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logging programs

In jessie:

Note: some of these are logging programs and others are contest loggers.

Supported keyers: All of the above (haven't checked klog, yet) can use cwdaemon. cqrlog also supports winkeyer and k3ng.

Some of these have really impressive features and can inter-operate with other applications such as fldigi.

competitive CW contest logging

There are great logging programs packaged in Debian. Not all are suited for contest logging. Suitable candidates for contest loggers include:

These appear to be not suited for contest loggers:

Haven't evaluated the following:


TODO: add notes about cwdaemon and some of the unpackaged alternatives. The alternatives can talk to a winkeyer.