Aakash is the low cost tablet project of Indian government. Aakash-2 is the next generation in Aakash project. Aakash tablets run Android 4.0.4 and this project is an experiment of running Debian on Aakash range of tablets.


DebianAakash project is subset/subproject of Debian which can be used as an Operating system for Aakash-2 and similar low cost tablets.

Blockers for Pure blending

Support for the Allwinner A13 SoC is not yet mainlined to Linux Kernel upstream, hence we can't yet have a official Kernel for Allwinner A13 Soc boards. See the Linux-SUNXI project for mainlining progress. With 4.7, most components should work with a stock kernel.


There's a mailinglist and an Alioth group.