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 * ["NGO"] - A list of Brazilian NGO's.  * ["NGO"] - A list of all NGO's.

Non English language main Debian wiki pages:

The simplest thing you can do to know more about Debian is to [http://www.debian.org read some of the debian.org website]!

From the very beginning: Debian ?InstallationHelp.

After installation: Debian SystemAdministration

[http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?action=search&search=%s list all pages on this wiki]

About the Debian wiki Index, below:

040313, ?HereOn [http://www.hongxie.com clutch disc] [http://www.hongxie.com clutch cover] [http://www.hongxie.com auto clutch]

Please add to the wiki index, below, any important page you know of that should be in this index. :)

The following is my 1st step to creating a categorized index of the significant pages on the Debian wiki. Based on my past efforts (see ["DebianKDE"]), my intention is to do little bits, as time permits. So, don't expect the following to be anywhere near complete, since I am just starting on this task. Maybe I'll spend 10 minutes on it a few times a week.

I'll probably just look through RecentChanges , and add in pages that have been recently updated. After a while, the index should begin to approach a usefully full list.

But, -- YOU CAN HELP TOO!!! -- . If you know of any pages that should be on here, please add them in! :)

[My main conceptual contribution here will likely be to create the categorization for the index. If you want to create a new category and add something to it, do it, and more power to you! But, I reserve the right to recategorize the list any time. :) ]

Index of Debian wiki:

A: Debian Wiki

Debian Wiki Main Pages:

  • ?DiscussionStarters - The place where new topics can be started, and developed.

  • ?WikiUsers - Add your name here to create your own personal wiki page.

  • - - - - - - - - - -
  • [http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi Index] - A partial alphabetical index of the Debian wiki.

B: Software and Content

Debian Installation & Administration:

  • ?InstallationHelp - 5 Wiki's main install guide [Contains subpages] SystemAdministration - 5 Wiki's main sys admin guide [Contains subpages]

  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • DebianInstaller - The installation system.

  • ["LDAPAuthentication"] - Configuring LDAP Authentication. [Contains subpages]
  • ?SystemStartupFiles - During login & for new shell or window.

  • DebianPackageManagement -

  • ?AptGet - APT package handling utility - command-line interface

Debian CDs:

  • ["LiveCD"] - Debian distro on a bootable CD-ROM, can be run without installation on a hard drive.

Software - GUI:

  • DebianGnome - GNOME desktop installation

  • ["DebianKDE"] - KDE

Software - General Applications

Software - Server Applications

  • LaMp - LAMP = Linux Apache Mysql PHP

Software - Other:

  • [Erase this when 1st entry is added to this category.]

Linux Kernel:

  • ["KernelALaDebian"] - - Part of SystemAdministration

  • ?InstallingOptimizedKernelPackage -

  • ?BuildYourOwnKernel -

  • ["KernelFAQ"] -


  • StandardTranslations - For l10nCoordination - a list of standard translations.

  • ?MenuStructure - Goals: 1. Greatly simplify menu structure, making it easy for non-techies.

Under Construction:

  • ?DebianInstallerSoftwareRaidRoot - There needs to be a method to install Debian onto a software RAID mirror.

  • ?TellMeWhenDebianHasEnterpriseJava - Want an email when ["JBoss"], Enhydra or comparible is available?

C: Other


  • DebianNonProfit - The Debian Non-Profit Custom Distribution

  • ["DebianNPGoals"] - Goals supported by DebianNonProfit

  • DebianEdu - Improving Debian to make it the best distribution for educational use.

  • ["NGO"] - A list of all NGO's.

Non English language main Debian wiki pages:

(Created by: ?HereOn)