Saturday 2008-AUG-16 @ OCC

In 2008 is the Dutch Debian birthday party at Open Community Camp. So not in a pub in a city, but on a campsite where open minded people allready did gather.


Less than a one hour walk from Leiden Central Station. See Notice also the rules that our host is asking us.


The people of OCC would like to known how many people will attend, so we can make an estimate on the amount of supplies we need


  1. Alice
  2. Bob
  3. Charly


  1. Alice
  2. Bob
  3. Charly
  4. Dave
  5. Edward
  6. Jelle


  1. Geert
  2. joostvb


  1. Alice
  2. Charly
  3. Edward
  4. George

Costs / Price / Fee

It is hard to tell what the price is for having a good time with fellow Debian people. Do know that it is libre and not gratuit. So do bring money and be gratefull to the community.


Geert Stappers ( stappers (AT) debian dot org )