The 14th Debian anniversary is on 16 Aug 2007. Celebration is done worldwide, as an excuse to get together.

Links to the events:

All country's are listed in:

16 Aug 2007

NL, Breda

At Cafe De Beyerd

Concept is "birthday", hop in any time from late afternoon till late night.

Details at /NlBreda

FR, Rennes

Debtagging dinner:

CH, Zürich

We will meet at 19:00 where the red mark is on (top of Irchel parking site). We will then decide where we go for a drink (probably in the area marked with blue color). Beverages are sponsored by

Please reconfirm your attendance here:



Christian Müller

christian at kekeke dot ch

Marc Schmid

voegi at faetzminator dot ch

Jonas Frei-Anderson

earthworm at irczone dot ch

Giacomo Catenazzi

cate dot debian dot org

Axel Beckert

GürkanSengün (late if at all)

Adrian von Bidder (late if at all)