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[http://www.16safe.com/qiche/luntai.htm 轮胎防爆]
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[http://www.ltjz2000.com/dc.htm 调查]
[http://www.ltjz2000.com/zhentan.htm 侦探]
[http://www.ltjz2000.com/sj.htm 北京私家侦探]
[http://www.ltjz2000.com/dc.htm 调查公司]
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STATUS: Initiating a Custom Debian Distribution (CustomDebian) for Municipalities and larger Administrations, based in Debian ?DebianEnterpriseServer.


Starting discussion started at: debian-custom@lists.debian.org

Debian-eGov Links:

Diploma Thesis: Perspektiven und Möglichkeiten einer angepassten GNU/Linux Distribution für Verwaltungsgemeinschaften und Gemeinden (Initiierung einer Custom Debian Distribution)

Debian-eGov Live-CD v0.03 (based on "Debian Sarge/Knoppix"):

  • Gnome 2.6 - Desktop
  • OpenOffice 1.1.1 - Office Suite

  • NX-Client - Terminalclient
  • Ximian Evolution, Thunderbird - eMailclients
  • Firefox, Galeon, Mozilla - Webbrowsers
  • Seahorse - ["GnuPG"]-Manager
  • Gaim - Instant Messenger
  • Gimp2 - Gfx-App.
  • Firestarter - local Firewall
  • Thuban & Quantum Gis - GIS Applications

  • Wine - Windows emulation
  • and much more...