Q: Why is Pacemaker missing from Debian Jessie?

A: Unfortunately, the team was inactive for some time and Pacemaker and friends missed the freeze date for inclusion with the Debian Jessie (8) release.

Q: When will Pacemaker be included in Debian Jessie?

A: Please see this question. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to resolve this. We are planning to release an add-on repository for Pacemaker and friends.

Q: When will Pacemaker and friends be available for Debian Jessie?

A: Up-to-date packages are available via jessie-backports.

Q: Will I be able to upgrade my Wheezy-based stack once Pacemaker is available for Debian Jessie?

A: No.

As mentioned in the response for the question here, the stack available in Wheezy was very out-dated.

For Jessie and beyond, we will no longer be supporting heartbeat, corosync+ais, or cman. Please read the information available here (and follow the references) for related information pertaining to the stack and its history.

Q: Is there a FAQ/Walkthrough for installation/setup on Debian?

A: Yes, one is in progress here.