CGL 2.0 Registration

Debian GNU/Linux Sarge 3.1 is now a registered Carrier Grade Linux distribution. It is registered with the Carrier Grade Linux requirement definition document Version 2.0.2.


Our mission is to extend Debian GNU/Linux with features suitable for use in communications environments, specifically by extending Debian GNU/Linux to be in compliance with open telecom standards, such as the The Linux Foundation CGL (Carrier Grade Linux) specifications -

Debian-CGL Project Background

Linux has emerged as a leading OS platform to deliver the capabilities and features commonly needed in the communications and data service network markets. Historically the platforms that provided these services were proprietary. To enable cost reductions and to focus engineering on their value-added applications, the industry is now migrating to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and OS components.

To promote the advancement of Linux in the communications market, the Linux Foundation has convened the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) Working Group to define and evolve a CGL specification. The Linux Foundation CGL group has released evolving sets of specifications for Linux features suitable for telecommunications applications.

With your help we wish to evolve Debian into a more viable telecommunications and data services platform.

Road Map & Goals

How You Can Help

We will soon post processes to gather your contributions and intend to use the mailing list for initial project communications.

Discussing Debian-CGL Topics

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