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 * daemonkeeper

This is the documentation on the expo.debian.net deployment of Debexpo.


Here are the basic facts:

  • expo.debian.net is a CNAME pointer, pointing at debdev.xvm.mit.edu. We have access to this hosting thanks to spang@debian!

  • The machine is mostly maintained by AsheeshLaroia (paulproteus@debian).

  • We run the Debexpo app through Apache2 and mod_wsgi.

Shell account(s)

  • On the machine, there is one important account: expo. Here is how its home directory looks:

  • /home/expo/
    • code/ # Inside here is where git clones of the
      • dev/ # is used by expo-dev.debian.net
      • live/ # is used by expo.debian.net
    • data/ # This is where we store things like package files
      • dev/ # for expo-dev.debian.net
      • live/ # for expo.debian.net

If you want to make changes to the live site, please first change the dev site and make sure the changes work. That way, we can avoid disrupting service.

In the future, we could do something where changes go into dev and automatically migrate to live after 10 days of no terrible bug reports.

If you have access to the expo account, I think that will be all you need to maintain the service. If you need sudo for something, do ping me (paulproteus).

configuration .ini files

The live ... um I'll finish this in a sec


We use Postgres as the database for storing debexpo data. You c


We use virtualenvs, which are a way to install Python packages without root and with isolation. The dev and live code directories have corresponding virtualenvs. You can access them with:

  • $ workon live
  • $ workon dev

Your shell's $PS1 will change to indicate which virtualenv is active.

These are shell snippets provided by virtualenvwrapper.

Getting access

If you want access to deploy code, the process is pretty simple:

  • Contribute a patch to debexpo, or otherwise demonstrate that you're interested in debexpo and going to be helpful.
  • Ask Asheesh to give you shell access.

Right now, the following people have shell access:

  • paulproteus
  • wRAR
  • daemonkeeper

We also hang out on #debexpo on irc.debian.org.

Automatic test suite running through Jenkins

Every few minutes, an automated builder checks for updates in git. If there are any updates, it runs the test suite.

You can see that at http://expo-jenkins.debian.net/.