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I am trying to organise session videos by subject in order to provide a more useful index than date ordering. Please check that sessions you attended are correctly classified. I have not watched all the videos! Please also help to find subjects for the unclassified sessions. Each session should belong to at least one subject and preferably no more than 3. Subjects should ideally have between, say, 3 and 8 sessions (inclusive). --BenHutchings


  • Actively discovering bugs/issues with packages
  • Weeding out security bugs

internal social and political issues

  • Governance of the Debian project
  • Debian Community Guidelines
  • Application Manager BoF
  • The future of the NM process
  • Devotee and the temple of doom

wider social and political issues

  • Walkthrough: make your country love Debian
  • Debian en Latinoamerica BoF
  • Debian in the greater Linux ecosystem
  • Codes of value: an anthropological analysis of hacker values
  • Cheap thrills: instant inspiration for the masses
  • ?OpenSolaris, Java and Debian: can we be friends?

  • GPLv3 and Debian
  • Representing Debian: doing the best for the best?
  • X community history
  • Resurrecting computers with free software
  • Debian and the $100 laptop

general development

  • How far can we go with a collaborative maintenance infrastructure
  • Learning from Gentoo
  • Debian's debugging debacle: the debrief
  • Multithreading: why and how we should use it
  • Common Lisp development in Debian
  • Alternative developer's interface to APT: libapt-front
  • Summer of Code BoF

Debian infrastructure

  • How to get debian-admin to help you
  • wiki.debian.org BoF
  • www.debian.org redesign

Debian installer

  • Debian installer and SELinux
  • Debian installer BoF
  • Debian installer workshop


  • I18n infrastructure BoF 1
  • i18n infrastructure BoF 2
  • State of the art for Debian i18n/l10n
  • The ?WordForge project


packaging policy and best practice

  • Python BoF
  • Webapps Common
  • Packaging shared libraries
  • Zeroconf BoF


  • Embedded Debian
  • Scratchbox 2.0: Bringing cross-compiling to Debian
  • ARM EABI transition
  • Let's port together: Debian fun for everyone


  • How to pronounce Jeron van Wolffelaar, and other names
  • Advanced tools for wasting time


  • Weeding out security bugs
  • Debian installer and SELinux
  • Security Enhanced Linux virtual machines

other free software projects

  • Ubuntu annual report
  • Ubuntu Q&A

  • What's new and cool at MySQL
  • LTSP "Muekow" next generation
  • X.org status and plans
  • ?OpenSolaris, Java and Debian: can we be friends?

  • X community history
  • Learning from Gentoo

distribution issues

  • Collaborative repository of meta-information BoF
  • Stable release BoF
  • WNPP: automatizing the unautomatizable
  • Datamining on Debian packages metadata
  • Optimizing boot time
  • Releasing etch in time


  • Proposal for open source device readiness framework: Topper - the expert system
  • Centralised operation with CDDs