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This is a page for the info about the Debconf6 Site.

It should be based on [wiki:?Debconf6Layout one] [wiki:?Debconf6LayoutUpdate of the] [wiki:?Debconf6LayoutCorrections designs] by ?PixelGirl.


We need to run [http://www.comas-code.org Comas] for the registration, and a wiki-a-like/cms system for the site. I'm (NeilMcGovern) looking at various ones and how they'll work with Postgresql, as that's needed by Comas.


About Debconf

  • Register here
  • What's Debconf6?
  • Debian Day
  • Talks
  • BOFs
  • Schedule
  • FAQ
  • Accomodation
  • Computing infrastructure features
  • Contact us
  • Donate
  • Reimbursement


  • Call For Papers

Upcoming events

Getting to Somewhere, Mexico

  • About Mexico
  • About Somewhere
  • Visa
  • Ferries, Planes and Trains
  • How to get to Somewhere from ...

Living In Somewhere

  • Visiting Somewhere
  • Climate
  • Electricity
  • Car rental and drivers licence
  • Emergency numbers
  • Mobile phone and roaming
  • Taxi, buses and trains
  • Currency - Cash and CC
  • English - Mexican vocabulary