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General facts about the Municipality of Yautepec

Location: in the Morelos Sate.

Territorial extension: 202,936 Kms2

Total population: 84,405 habitants (2000)

Elevation: 1,210 m over the sea.

Weather: annual temperature is around 21.7°C (71.06°F). The rain is 945.7 mm yearly.


Hidrography: Yautepec river surges in Oaxtepec manantials and relieves water from the Tlayacapan and Totolapan, crosses the municipal head and become part of Tepoztlán river, pass by Atribuyan and Xochimancas haciendas, when entering to Tlaltizapán municipality changes its name for Higuerón. The most important streams are el Atongo, la Barranca del Esconde, el Huasosoycan and La villa, in the south. There are some temporary rivers like El Ignacio Bastida, El Itzamatitlán and la barranca del Bosque, of cold and drinkable water, also the sulfured water springs in Oaxtepec. Exists 3 navigable and 34 for water extraction.

Flora and Fauna: Flora is constituted mainly by: low jungle of warm climate with temporal leaves, jacaranda, tabachín, casahuate, ceiba y bugambilia. The main fauna that we found is cola blanca deer, racoon, tejón, skunk, armadillo, hare, common rabbit, coyote, wild cat, comadreja, cacomixtle , tlacuache, bat], flag bird, chachalaca, urraca copetona, zopilote, aura, crow, owl, singing and decorative birds.

Municipality Chronology: