Debate Init System To Use

This is a debate in the Essay Debating System about which init system Debian should choose as default. The tech-ctte has been invoked to decide on this topic, and asked for the different positions to be concisely summarized in debate pages.

Current Options

(These options are not in any particular order)

  1. sysvinit (status quo)

  2. systemd

  3. upstart

  4. openrc (now in experimental - ITP: 684396)

  5. One system on Linux, something else on non-linux
  6. multiple: commit to supporting two or more specific initsystems, such that choosing a default is less important, and at least one of them is available to every arch

Open Questions

(These questions are not in any particular order)

  1. Transition plan
  2. Support for Hurd/kFreeBSD
  3. Support for init.d scripts
  4. Support for other systems
  5. Support for Virtual Hosting: OpenVZ / LXC / ...
  6. ...

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