Using the DragonFly Mail Agent as default MTA in Debian Jessie

As of 13.June.2013 69 packages depend on mail-transport-agent (including bsd-mailx priority standard) and 40 other packages in testing/jessie recommend the virtual package mail-transport-agent (including cron, which is priority required and apt-listchanges, at, mutt and procmail, which are priority standard).

In many cases the functionality required is little more than sending a local mail to root or the corresponding user (cron, apt-listchanges, at) or forwarding mail to the outside (bsd-mailx, mutt, procmail). It is expected that for any "serious" use (i.e. MX or similar) the system administrator should be capable to install and configure a full featured MTA like exim, postfix, etc.

Based on this following features should be sufficient to fullfil these necessities:

Any other features, like listening to port 25 (even if only on localhost) are just increasing complexity and vulnerability of the system and the MTA itself.

As of version 0.0.2010.06.17-14.1 DMA is capable of all of the above, without running as a daemon (it relies on cron to flush the queue, see README.Debian for more details).