DebPool - Resurrected is a project to revive debpool and to add missing features.

See also the DebPool - Resurrected project at

Planned debpool features

Refactoring Main Loop

Description: Refactor the main loop to make the application better maintainable. Only call a specific set of other functions from within the main loop, instead of implementing lots of logic within the main loop itself.

State: Discussion

Improve Logging

Description: Improve the logging mechanism.

State: Discussion

Debarchiver like incoming queue handling

Description: Provide different ways of uploading a package, like debarchiver does (with/without changes file)

State: Discussion

GAMIN triggered incoming queue

Description: Make the incoming queue more responsive by using GAMIN (requires a 2.6 kernel)

State: Not yet committed.

FAM triggered incoming queue

Description: Make the incoming queue more responsive by using the file alteration monitor (also usable for 2.4 kernels)

State: Not yet committed.

Multi Arch support

Description: Allow to upload packages for more than one architecture, i.e. i386 and amd64.

State: Solution committed to private branches.

init script

Description: Automatically start and stop the debpool daemon on system startup and shutdown. Evaluate /etc/default/debpool for startup options.

State: Solution committed to private branch (andreas).

Redesign meta data database

Description: Instead of using a combination of DBM hashes and text files (one for each package and architecture), a simple common format (text file preferred) should be used.

State: Discussion

Rebuild meta data database

Description: Implement rebuilding the meta data database from the information in .dsc files etc.

State: Discussion

Create XML report

Description: Let debpool provide a function to create an XML representation of the pool contents, e.g. to create pool statistics, HTML pages showing the packages in the pool, ...

State: Idea