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Citizens from the European Union countries, from the United States of America, and from Canada can come as tourists with no more than a valid passport.

Important note: Foreign nationals who intend to attend a congress may enter to Mexico with the migration status and category of Non-resident Tourist, it is NO necessary to obtain the FM3 form, unless they intend to engage in any paid activity.

Participants from other countries should contact their nearest Mexican embassy or consulate, to inquire on any extra requirements.

Help getting a visa

If you need help for getting a visa to enter Mexico, please send a mail to visa@debconf.org.

Mexico requires visa for the following countries

This list is provided by the Instituto Nacional de Migración, as of July 2005. If you have any question or want to contact some of the mexican organizers to deal with visa processes, feel free to mail the local team at visa@debcong.org (Don't forget to look at the note at the bottom of the list)

Translated by Jair Gaxiola.


As of September 2005, Mexico is now requiring visa as well for Brazil and Ecuador. Please check http://www.sre.gob.mx/servicios/visasext/visasext.htm before coming. We will get an official list in this regard by March.