(this is version 0.2 and has been discussed and checked by the last video team meeting)

please put your name to tasks you will do!

Tasks which hae not been assigned a date:

  1. inspect the hotels audio gear
  2. get UPS working
  3. get other notebooks (damog or bli looked around) - unlikely
  4. "paint" a nice + simple schematics of our solution
  5. nattie: release a volunteer-schedule
  6. record audio (as backup) to laptop hd locally, for video we'll have tapes
  7. If there is any way of muxing soundcard audio and firewire DV into the outgoing DV stream, it is worth investigating OR (maybe much better): plugin the mixed audio in the video cam, so the video camera can be used to digitise the sound from the mic or mixer then the problem (audio+video out of sync) shouldn't occur


  1. create ?IcecastsBackports and upload them to "local" archive

  2. get "donated" distributing streaming servers on the net (exlitly ask maswan, formorer, zobel but also debian-multimedia, debconf-discuss and debian-project or d-d-a) - maswan says: <maswan> h01ger: you would give us sources.list and config files, and we would set it up. ~1Gbit/s is what I can pledge. I also know where to look for others.

May 6th

  1. cameras and the wireless mic from john arrives
  2. h01ger: build up the network, not really available for video
  3. WHO: prepare video editing room (tables, chairs, network cables, setup post-processing _workplaces_)
  4. WHO: basic installation the video encoding servers, the raid, the laptops, the editing machines - (just a debian sarge and sane partitions)

May 7th

  1. h01ger: build up the network, not really available for video
  2. WHO: customize configuration of the video machines with FAI (with help from luk, luciano or h01ger)

May 8th

  1. womble2: start testing the stream between laptops and encoding servers ("netcat buffer problems")
  2. how to feed the audio from mixer into DV stream? / how to combine analog audio with the dv stream properly
  3. WHO: Find out what dvgrab/netcat does when there are glitches in the network, and look for solutions to that.

May 9th

  1. WHO: start testing the stream between laptops and encoding servers
  2. WHO: install / configure software on the distributing servers on the internet, test it
    1. research question: maswan: I, as a mirror, want to limit the ammount of bandwidth to an ammount I can support.
    2. research question: we want to stream to one streaming mirror (which doesnt stream to end users), from which other edge-servers get their streams, which they feed to users
  3. h01ger: write upload scripts + documentation for it, put all used scripts in FAI for ease of installation and customisation

May 10th

May 11th

  1. this space for rent (we wanted to have everything setup by 11th to have one day extra... need to check with hotel audio gear..)

May 12th

  1. Maulkin + p2-mate: first day to test the hotel audio gear (maybe move to 11th?)
  2. h01ger + WHO: and therefore the complete setup
  3. Training sessions

May 13th

  1. 18.30 (30 min. after DebianDay ends): video bof