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  • People seem to want several different stream qualities
  • They also want continuous streams
  • We should have team meetings during debconf (not just before)

  • We should decide and describe the process before debconf

  • We should have a work-timetable with all talks before debconf starts
  • We should start encoding as early as possible; check the results as soon as they're ready
  • Camera operators need to spend some time getting familiar with all the cameras they will use
  • We may need use of storage servers for some time beyond the conference in case we cannot take away data immediately at the end
  • We really need proper audio equiqment for all venues because built-in mics are too sensitive to environmental noise
  • Not every presentation program suppresses the screensaver
  • License should be sorted out beforehand

Suggestions / Ideas:

  • Display information about the next talk in streams when they aren't live
  • Provide audio-only streams as well as the video+audio streams
  • Use ogg speex instead of vorbis?
  • Live subtitling could be an option to explore for:
    • Displaying the speaker's name, e-mail address, talk title
    • Displaying mail addresses, URLs and stuff the speaker mentions and could be useful if appearing in text form
    • It is necessary to research the viability of this
  • Provide live slide screenshots on a web server (as done in bulma meetings) or as a stream with a suitable codec
    • The same program could suppress the screensaver
  • Get slides / important texts / URLs / e-mail adresses / other used files (e.g. videos) beforehand, and make them simpler to use for people watching the stream (though that wouldn't really be the video team's job)
  • The camera's microphone is sometimes the best positioned microphone, so a camera-mounted microphone should be fed to the mixer

  • Get an active VGA splitter if we need the presenter's laptop signal multiple times
  • Write some ?DebConfVideoSoftware to automate video processing so far as possible

  • Require everyone involved in recording to grant an appropriate license to their work, preferably ?DebConfVideoLicense