Hardware we have

  1. dual dualcore opteron with 1tb raid, see http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20060331.101027.d6d9e5ac.en.html for a full description

  2. pci-firewire card from graham
  3. pci-firewire card from p2-mate
  4. audio equiqment from the hotel in oaxtepec: http://layer-acht.org/debconf6/video/ scroll down for a list

  5. wireless network for video streaming from tower
  6. 2 cameras from Gunnar Wolf (NTSC) and Herman Robak (PAL)
  7. 2 tripods from Ben Hutchings and Herman Robak
  8. storage: 2 TB RAID

Hardware, we may have:

  1. cameras from John Lightsey (someone else would need to bring them)

Hardware we need

Hardware offers we have not requested yet:

  1. tolimar: Matrox Mystique (mit G400 Chip) und Dual-Head
  2. andrew: Radeon 9250 graphics card that is dual head

Audio equiqment in the hotel in Oaxtepec

No.1 (simple one, for parliamentarian tower)

No. 2

No. 3 (for the stadium)