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 * '''Sponsor dude:''' [wiki:Self:AndreasSchuldei Andreas Schuldei]  * '''Sponsor dude:''' [wiki:Self:AndreasSchuldei Andreas Schuldei], also MartinKrafft

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Each DebConf is increasing in size and thus also needs more and more people to help make DebConf a continued success.

The following list of roles need names behind them and if none of these appeal to you, you can also add your name to the list of volunteers. Do please indicate in short what you would like to do and what you are capable of.

Core organising team

  • Main organisor: [wiki:AndreasSchuldei Andreas Schuldei]

    • Takes care of overall coordination
  • Co-organisors: Michelle Ribeiro [wiki:GunnarWolf Gunnar Wolf]

    • Helps with overall coordination
  • Sponsor dude: [wiki:AndreasSchuldei Andreas Schuldei], also MartinKrafft

    • Finds and interacts with sponsors to gather enough money
  • Website maintainer: [wiki:NeilMcGovern Neil ?McGovern] ("Maulkin")

    • Responsible for the content of the website and its structure
  • Graphical artist: Agnieszka Czajkowska (pixelgirl) http://www.creative-geeks.org/

    • Creates all needed art-work, including logo and website layout, t-shirts, posters, namecards, etc
  • Admin-master: [wiki:RudyGodoy Rudy Godoy], Jörg Jaspert ("Ganneff")

    • Takes care of all other services used by the organisation-team
  • Talks coordinator: Alexander Schmehl (["Tolimar"])

    • Creates the schedule for talks, bofs and such, and takes care of coordination and moderation during the conference.
  • Talks Moderatrix: [wiki:NattieMayerHutchings Nattie Mayer-Hutchings]

    • Introduces speakers, runs around with a microphone, and hits the gong when speakers go over time.
  • Registration coordinators: [wiki:GunnarWolf Gunnar Wolf] _[wiki:RudyGodoy Rudy Godoy]_

    • Ensures a smooth registration process before the conference and the check-in/out procedures during the conference.
  • Secretary: Marcela Tiznado (Asciigirl) and ["Luk"]

    • Announce meetings, prepare the agenda and publish the minutes in a timely fashion. Update task-lists according to decisions made in meetings, etc.

Local organising team

  • Mexican organisation representing DebConf6: AMESOL http://www.amesol.org.mx/

    • This organisation provides the needed legal backing for receiving funds, signing contracts, paying bills and other such matters.
  • Main local organisors: [wiki:GunnarWolf Gunnar Wolf] and [wiki:DavidMorenoGarza David Moreno Garza]

    • A major role involving spotting a location, negotiating deals and signing contracts
  • Legal advisor: ??

    • Not necessarily constantly involved, but would understand the needs and give proper advice of legal, insurance and related issues
  • Accountant / budgetteer: [wiki:GabrielaManjarrez Gabriela Manjarrez (Nadezhda)]

    • Active involvement, invoicing sponsors, keeping track of incoming money, report about budget, handle bills, etc.
  • Facilities coordinator: Claudia Landa

    • Coordinates important facilities like housing, food, trips etc.
  • Volunteer manager: ??

    • Is able to communicate with local and other volunteers, and is responsible for forming a group of volunteers based on the needs defined by the organisor-teams.

Press team

  • Press-team coordinator: Margarita Manterola (["Marga"])

    • Coordinates the press-team, has fluent writing skills in English and Spanish. Prepares the press releases, and sees that they are released.
  • Local Press Contact: ??

    • Has all the needed contacts for sending press-releases in Mexico, and is a native Spanish speaking person (most likely living in Mexico).
  • English proof-reader: [wiki:NattieMayerHutchings Nattie Mayer-Hutchings]

    • Has English as its mother-tongue and has experience reviewing english texts for any kind of mistakes.


  • Video-team coordinator: HenningSprang, - hopefully together with the rest of the ?DebConf5Videoteam

    • Leads the video-team to capture and produce videos of all the talks during the conference.
  • Editors: (need at least 2 - h01ger thinks we need more like 8!)

  • Camera-operators: (3-5 needed)

  • video-team helpers: (sound, PA?, video mixing?, web publishing, DVD authoring)

    • [wiki:NattieMayerHutchings Nattie Mayer-Hutchings] (random help, hopefully actually useful)

    • [wiki:?Antonio_Ognio Antonio Ognio] (web publishing)

    • Neil ?McGovern (Was a professional conference sound engineer for a while if that helps :P)

    • BenHutchings

    • ??

    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??
  • video-team computer infrastructure coordinator: HolgerLevsen


  • Conference network-team coordinator: HolgerLevsen

    • Takes care of the network during the conference including planning of the network, setup and maintainance
  • Network team helpers:

    • Luciano Bello (["luciano"]) Install and configure, help with wi-fi, give a hand, etc. I can learn whatever is necesary.

    • ["Luk"] Helping with setup and maintenance in general and devel machines in particular.

    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??

Other volunteers

  • Key Signing Party: [http://v7w.com/anibal/ Aníbal Monsalve Salazar]

  • CAcert assurance: MicahAnderson, MartinKrafft

  • Local volunteers (needed before and during the conference)

    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??
  • Conference volunteers (needed only during the conference)

    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??
  • Local Debian group

  • Debconf7 people who volunteer to help with ["DC6"] to learn things