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   * Sponsor dude: Andreas Schuldei

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Each Debconf is increasing in size and thus also needs more and more people to help make Debconf a continued success.

The following list of roles need names behind them and if none of these appeal to you, you can also add your name to the list of volunteers. Do please indicate in short what you would like to do and what you are capable of.

Core organising team

  • Main organisor: Andreas Schuldei
  • Co-organisor: Aschwin van der Woude???
  • Sponsor dude: Andreas Schuldei
  • Website maintainer: ??
  • Graphical artist: ??
  • Admin-master: ??
  • Conference network team-leader: ??
  • Video team-leader: ??
  • Talks coordinator: ??
  • Registration coordinator: ??

Local organising team

  • Mexican organisation representing DebConf6: ??

  • Main local organisor: Gunnar Wolf
  • Legal advisor: ??
    • not necessarily constantly involved, but would understand the needs and give proper advice of legal, insurance and related issues

  • Accountant / budgetteer: ??
    • Active involvement, invoicing sponsors, keeping track of incoming money, report about budget, handle bills, etc.
  • Housing facilities coordinator: ??
  • Press coordinator: ??
    • Has fluent writing skills in English and the main local languages
  • Volunteer manager: ??

Other volunteers

  • Local volunteers (needed before and during the conference)
    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??
  • Conference volunteers (needed only during the conference)
    • Your name (what can you do, what do you want to do)??