What is this?

Well, isn't it obvious? We want to use this page to list the proposals and ideas so we can make them better and get the best design ever possible for the DebConf6 T-shirts.


Debconf starts very soon. As I write this, we are only 42 days away from Debcamp. We must design and decide quick. At the localteam meeting we held yesterday (March 24), we agreed to have all the design proposals ready in a week time.


Ok, so it's settled: Please do not update this page anymore. The decision has been made, it will be closely based on http://mx.geocities.com/astronomiamex/psol/page15.html (i.e. no defacement, just a composition of the inner part of the calendar with the Debconf name/logo.


I am giving the design ideas and design elements we have so far. I also give some opinions - Please don't forget that the opinions are completely subjective. I (Gunnar) try to be neutral, but as we say, I cannot pretend to be a judge and a part in this case.


Pixelgirl is the designer for the DebConf6 website, and has so far made two proposals:


Proposal 1: Swirly flag, black background

http://www.creative-geeks.org/temp/t-shirt_sample9.jpg Proposal 1: Swirly flag, white background




Proposal 2: Swirly sombrero




I cannot say much, as I have not done much work - I have asked people who know about prehispanic art (my mother - Thanks! :) ) to give me some pointers. I suck at graphic design work... But here go some ideas. Instead of repeating the same stuff over and over, here is a link to a mbox with the discussion of the ideas we had between Andreas, Pixelgirl and me (sorry, the mailbox is not complete, it's only what I had right now). In one of the messages, I sent some files which I detail here:

By mere chance, I came along this drawing:


Something like this could also be a nice idea - Make the self-eating snake into a Quetzalcóatl, make the inner swirl a Debian one, and you have another nice possibility.


Andreas acknowledges the value of Gunnar's proposals, but finds the drawings unsuitable for a T-shirt, specially for this group. He wants something more easily recognizable as Mexican, with more complex lines, and with more potential to be defaced - His main suggestion is the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone (Piedra del Sol). Some links to sites that I found might be useful:

Following with his theme of important Mexican art pieces that are easily recognizable, some other ideas I came up with are:

Anibal Avelar

I think there is another more representative figures or symbols (because I'm a Mexican). The mexican culture has for example:

The jaguar. This animal was a representative symbol in the cultures Aztec and Mayan. Many people knows it and the old pre hispanic people feels to identify themselves with the big cat.

The Aztecs were a warrior culture and the war symbols were very important for all his people. The warriors were a very important in our culture. To get to be a warrior was a honor for the Aztecs. The aztec army had two special forces: Jaguar warrior and Eagle warrior.

Religion was extremely important in Aztec life. They worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses, each of whom ruled one or more human activities or aspects of nature. However, they had two great gods:

I got the help of a local design worker and I have four concrete proposals:

Another news ideas (just are some ideas, they need more work):


http://fixxxer.cc/debconf6/de-2.jpg http://fixxxer.cc/debconf6/de-3.jpg


I have more proposals:

Gunnar suggest the t-shirt design should be based on stone of the sun. But I have this:

Remember, this just a simple example, the final design will be more elaborate. This was done by my design worker in 20 minutes.


Starting with a B/W, as-clean-as-I-could-find image of the Aztec calendar, we got to this:

swirly Aztec calendar

What else

I don't know... Please add it here! :)