In this page you will find really local information about Oaxtepec - How to get a taxi, how to move around, where to find the most usual services, what to do if you get Moctezuma's revenge, etc.

Moving around the region

First of all, remember that most Mexicans (specially in the countryside) don't speak enough English for you to be able to communicate, we strongly advise you to go out with a Spanish-speaker if you leave the town.

There are two taxi groups just outside the CVO entrance - To do: Get the phones/rates for the group outside the upper entrance. One of them, located just outside the main entrance (the five-arch one, in the lower part of CVO) is approved/recommended by CVO and has fixed rates: From just outside CVO to anywhere inside it, MX$15. From inside CVO to points in Oaxtepec town, starting at MX$20. From inside CVO to Cuautla (nearest city) or Yautepec (municipal capital), MX$50). From inside CVO to the San Carlos town, MX$35. You can call them from inside CVO, extension 1109.

There is a taxi group based in Cuautla we have got recommendations from a friend in the Cuautla LUG; they might be specially useful when going back from Cuautla to Oaxtepec. The group is called Radio Taxis Verdes. Call Arturo Gutierrez Oyorzabal (taxi no. 31), phone numbers 398-2903, 398-0694, 353-9081, 353-8632 (local in Cuautla, Yautepec and Oaxtepec - Area code 735 from outside the region).

Services around CVO

Medical service