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DebConf6 Planning

On this page the overall planning-schedule for DebConf6 is described. In the beginning this planning is likely to be in a state of flux, until certain deals are made and the general picture becomes more clear. At that moment all major items on the planning should have a date or deadline defined for them.

8 weeks before

  • Call for keys for KSP

4 weeks before

  • Due date for full papers or tutorial materials
  • Close talk-registration

2 weeks before

  • Close registration. Registration is still possible after this time, but they are marked as late-registrant and might not get the full amount of benefits.

1 week before

  • Close vote on talks
  • Create and publish talk/bof schedule
  • Due date for keys for KSP
  • Create and publish KSP list and keyring

1st week (DebCamp)

  • Setup network
  • Setup video-equipment
  • Daily team meetings
  • Daily organisors meetings

2nd week (DebConf)

  • Debian Day
  • Opening DebConf speech

  • Formal Diner
  • Day-trip
  • Lightning talks session
  • Key-signing party
  • Hot and spicy dancing (+ lessons??)
  • Daily team meetings
  • Daily organisors meetings
  • Daily DVD realeases (previous day's talks)