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As there seem to be some requirements that had not been fulfilled by the software that has been used to support the organisation of DebConf5, and I (HenningSprang) saw people talking about what other tools could be used, I have proposed to go for a structured approach; First analyze requirements for the software, then see what products meet them, or which ones come as close as possible and can easily enhanced with the missing features.

For DebConf6 we used the Comas conference management system. As one of the organizers is (luckily!) upstream for it, after each of the items where it is relevant, I will include its support level in Comas (or a short explanation on why it's not Comas' business ;-) ) in monospace font.

Requirements for DebConf6

features needed / use cases that need to be solved

things that can be done by comas, with some additional work

stuff that need and should be done by additional applications but comas

additional information/issues

soft requirements (e.g. how specific things should behave)

open questions

Software/Tools that has been used for organising DebConf5


Communication before and after the event

Communication during conference

Team communication