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 1. phone-system setup

These will be the places we'll use




during debcamp and debconf

hotel Tepozteco and Amacuzac (need wireless coverage, connected via wireless bridges)

during debcamp and debconf

hotel Yautepec and Zacatepec (need wireless coverage, connected via cables

during debcamp and debconf

server and video rooms (connected via cables)

hotel Yautepec

during debianday and debconf

the parlamentary tower (needs wireless and wired, connected via wireless bridges)

during debconf

hacklab 1 for the talks, open from 9 to 9 , connected via cables

hotel Yautepec

during debcamp and debcamp

hacklab 2 for hacking open from 9 to midnight, connected via cables

hotel Yautepec

during debcamp and debcamp

pool area and restaurant, connected via cables?

[http://media.debconf.org/dc6/images/oaxtepec/plateau_area_metres.png Area overview with distances in meters]

Timeline / Todolist

the following todo/timeline needs to be checked by Gunnar and other locals

we should probably also add people names to these tasks...

Please keep in mind, that we need dedicated network segments and dedicated wireless links for video - we need garantied bandwidth.

May 3rd

  1. uplink arrives in cafe

May 5th

  1. wireless bridge to Oaxtepec is build

May 6th

  1. server room gets used:
    1. switches
    2. central server
    3. name-server is set up (needed for FAI)
  2. FAI basic configuration
  3. aruba starts setting up APs (requires server room!)
  4. start laying cables (where? (if??))

May 7th

  1. cooling gets installed in server room
  2. other server get installed in the server room
  3. aruba sets up more APs
  4. wireless link to the tower is set up
  5. phone-system setup

May 8th

  1. luiz from aruba leaves, erick stays?