Many people did not fill in their arrival and departure time within two weeks of the deadline for confirming their attendance, and have not reacted to personal reminder mails in a timely fashion. Since arrival and departure times were used for determining the food numbers, these people were not noticed and taken into account when the Debconf6 organizers made arrangements for lunch and dinner. Approximately 80 people altogether are affected by this. We are very, very sorry that this only came to our attention now.

Some of these people were mistakenly issued food tickets in their bags. If you don't have food tickets, or did not fill in your arrival or departure dates within two weeks of reconfimation time, we would like to sell you food tickets for the meals, so that we can eat together at the restaurant. Lunch tickets cost 70 Pesos each, and dinner tickets cost 63 Pesos each. The restaurant needs 24 hours to react to increases in numbers, so it is vital that you inform us as quickly as possible that you wish to purchase food tickets.

Due to the restaurant´s latency, it is unfortunately not possible for you to eat with the rest of the group on the first day that you purchase additional food tickets. On this first day, we would ask you to find your own food at the market (budget option) or at the other restaurants in the area. We do not want to encourage people to do this routinely though, since part of the fun of debconf is to share the meals with each other.

Please come to the info room (next to the hacklab) to purchase your food tickets.

The formal dinner and the food at the day trip are free for everyone, while the food tickets for lunch on the day of the day trip are void.

Since some of the people affected by this might not be able to afford the full price of the meals, we would greatly appreciate any donations (at your own convenience and discretion, of course!) to anonymously help these people fund their meals. Please bring these donations to the info desk.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.