1. Budget + Sponsorship, cost cutting

2. participants' sponsorship request

3. "the intel talks" at debconf and debian day

4. status about debian day (cfp, etc)

5. new date for the infrastructure meeting

6. localteam news + status

Move DebianDay from the auditorium to the tower

  1. extra rooms

We requested the two extra workrooms (Tulipn and Guayacn). Nadezhda told me we will probably be asked to free one of them one day too early, on the 21th. Have to check.

  1. updated maps


  2. internet uplink
  3. power / cooling

e-mexico could be interested in helping us somewhat

gwolf thinks that if we move video and servers to the Tulipn/Guayacn rooms, we won't need the cooling. But if we have money, we buy the cooler :)