This information will be printed and handed to the attendees - Yes, sorry for spoiling the excitement for you, you will now read what we will print and give you in your greedy hands.

Of course, this is for now just a sketch.

Important information

How to call us

In case you need to get in touch with the committee, you can call us by dialing:

From the Oaxtepec, Cuautla region

From Mexico City

From anywhere else in Mexico

From outside Mexico

Mexico City based phone number (all four phones ring)

(01-55)8590-9000 ext. 1000

8590-9000 ext. 1000

(01-55)8590-9000 ext. 1000

(+52-55)8590-9000 ext. 1000

Oaxtepec area cell phone





Gunnar (gwolf) Wolf's cell phone





David (damog) Moreno's cell phone





Entering / leaving Oaxtepec

How to behave in Mexico

You come to a country you have probably never been to - Some basic rules to make sure you don't make any grave mistakes.

Going out

Try to always hang out with at least one person who speaks Spanish

People in Mexico don't usually speak more than a couple of words in English. When you go out, try to always take with you a Spanish speaker, so he can assist you in basic things.

Using taxis

* Security

* Known taxi stand numbers



Inside Oaxtepec

Public payphones

Checking out

Be conservative with the electricity usage!

Where can you expect to have network access?