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 * sound (amplifier, speakers)
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 * sound (amplifier, speakers)

On DebConf5 in Helsinki, we organised the first Linux Ball in world history with Disco Fox, Rumba and Tango Argentino. We like to dance again in Oaxtepec, possibly Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, and Tango Argentino.


  • the date: How about Friday, 2006-05-19 after/overlapping the KSP? On Wednesday, 2006-05-17 people are too tired after the day trip, on Thursday, 2006-05-18 there is the dinner and on Saturday, 2006-05-20 people start to leave already.
  • dance introduction: Aníbal could teach us Merengue, I (debacle) could show the basic steps of Tango Argentino.
  • room
  • music (OGGs)
    • I (["Tincho"]) can bring some tangos, in ogg and/or mp3 format.
    • I (mannyto) can bring salsa, merengue, in ogg and/or mp3 format and also can teach some lessons about it.
    • I (debacle) will bring some few tangos and salsas, in ogg/mp3 format.
    • I (Nadezhda) (living in Mexico) offer some mexican music not shure wich format (I don't think I have time to convert files). If you need some help, find me in the -localteam chanel.
    • I (alerios) am from Colombia, but can show you some music and dances from the Andean Region (basically tobas, caporal and sanjuanito).
  • sound (amplifier, speakers)