What do we count on? What is probable we will get? Who is sponsoring what? Lets keep track of it all with this list. Please note that this is not intended to be a complete sponsorship list - Money, logistic and such will not be listed here. This list is strictly for tangible goods.

Do we have to get an insurance for all of this??


Contact person



Misc. notes

Pickup notes


luiz, h01ger


guess: 20 Accesspoints and one big switch for management

exact list is unknown yet, needs to be covered by our insurance


Sandino Araico

Storage server

He brings the server to Oaxtepec, arrives May 6, explains the details of the server to the infrastructure team


Alejandro Sánchez (Lurkan)

Laser printer (will soon need toner), miscellaneous office supplies, 6 walkie-talkies

Gunnar has it


Alejandro Sánchez (Lurkan)

1TB server, 2 UPSes

1 regulator

the video team kindly requests this machine for encoding video streams


Leo Utskot

Video projector, miscellaneous office supplies, laminator

Projector needs a new lamp - we will get it, but a bit later.

Damog gets it on Wednesday

Iván Zenteno (k001operator)

Video projector

Since May 9 only (possibly May 6, but unsure)

He brings it to Debconf

Enrique Sánchez (Nahual)

4 switches (at least one full-gigabit

Gunnar picks them up, Wednesday


Octavio Ruiz (Tacvbo)

4 VoIP phone jacks, a Mexico City-based phone number, video projector

We have to provide the analogic phones

Octavio brings the equipment to Gunnar's house

Comisión Federal de Electricidad

Raúl Gómez

2x300m UTP cat6 cable

Raúl gets them to Damog's house

Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas

Gunnar Wolf

2 computers, 1 video camera, 1 wireless microphone

The computers should probably be best suited for the video team

Gunnar brings them, probably on Friday

Antonio Galindo

1 beefy workstation (for video work), 1 Shure SM58 wireless microphone

Gunnar picks it up


Jonathan López

2 IBM Power servers

Edward Castillo (Punk0)

Wireless connectivity equipment

He brings it to Oaxtepec on Thursday(/Friday?)

Aníbal Avelar

GSM phone

We need to buy the local (Cuautla/Oaxtepec) SIM chip for it

Hewlett Packard

Ana Laura Roque (via Patricio Páez)

2 servers (2GB RAM, 500GB HD)

2 Printers

Iván Zavala

1 12" ?PowerBook G5, 1.25Gb RAM, with firewire and other misc stuff; 1 eMac G4, 1.0 Ghz, 768MB RAM with firewire

the video team kindly requests the powerbook for streaming raw video

Daniel Aspuru

MXL Cardioid condenser microphone

Gunnar has it

Wolf family members :)

Radio Shack microphone, consumer-grade video camera (with firewire)

Gunnar has the microphone, will pick up the camera


laptop: powerbook g4 with 500mhz




Set of screwdrivers (3 flat, 3 philips), 3 Electrician Pliers, 2 cutting pliers

Jose Luis Team keep, I think Gunnar will take care.