Temporary importation

By this term is meant the entrance into the country of foreign merchandise and to remain inside for a limited period and with a specific purpose.

This are not subject to external trade tariffs or compensatory fees, unless the introduction of the merchandise is made under a program that delays or returns tariffs/fees, the ownership of the merchandise is transfered -except for transfers among assembly plants or the plants of enterprises with export programs authorized by the Secretariat of Economy.

We thus have two types:

- Temporary import of merchandise which will return abroad in the same state as it arrived, that is to say, the merchandise suffers no alteration.

- Temporary import of merchandise to be subjected to fabrication, transformation or fixing in assembly or export programs.

You wish to perform an exhibition or public or private demostration, in order to make your products known in the national territory.

Mexico Customs reminds you that you must obtain an authorization of temporary fiscal deposit for international merchandise exhibitions, with which you can:

- Obtain you permit in 10 woking days, provided you have complied with the requisites.

- Obtain all necessary help to perform your negotiation with the personnel in charge in a proffesional and honest maner.

- Intern your merchandize without delays into national territory, and exhibit it in different places around the country.

Please consult the necessary information in the Letter of commitment to the citizen[1].

Last update in dcember 29, 2005.