Ok, now that DebConf has ended, how to get back to the airport?

Check in and boarding times

For international flights you need to check in 3 hours before your flight departure. At the boarding rooms you have to be 45 minutes before your flight.

Staying in Mexico City

You might have to spend one or more nights in Mexico City. Check DebConf6MexicoCityHotels for some pointers.

Ways to get out of here


It costs $800 pesos including tolls from the Oaxtepec vacational center directly to the International Airport. You can request the cab at the extension 1109 or you can catch them at the main entrance (five arches). Taxis are regular cars, for nominal space for four people - of course, space varies depending to the amount of luggage :)

Share a taxi with someone else at DebConf6Taxis!


  1. From Oaxtepec. There is a bus that comes from Cuautla, stops in Oaxtepec and goes directly to the airport, the problem is that it leaves at 4:25 am, it takees 1:20 mintues aprox. It costs $103 pesos.
  2. Oaxtepec - Taxqueña - Airport. You can take the bus at the Oaxtepec's bus sation to Taxqueña it costs $65, it takes 1:20; departures are every 15 minutes starting 5:30 am and until 21:00 everyday; Saturdays and Sundays departures are every 10 minutes starting 17:00 hours until 20:00. From Taxqueña you can take an authorized (you pay for it at the bus sation and get a printed ticket - But the taxis look like regular, green or red, ones) taxi to the Airport (aprox. $150), it takes about one hour. Or you can take the metro ($2), which also takes about an hour, but involves some carting about of luggage along corridors and up and down quite a few stairs. Worth printing out, or at least reviewing, a map (Tasquena, Chabacano, Pantitlan, Terminal Area).