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Stuff thats always interesting:

 * Eating times.

Here's a list of things that need to be mentioned in either the final mail, or to participants on arrival:

Stuff people need to know before they arrive:

  • how to get to Oaxtepec from the airport -- make clear we won't pick people up; give URL to instructions
  • URL so one can check if have sponsored accommodation / instructions what to do if need non-sponsored accommodation but haven't organised it yet
  • things you do not need to bring to .mx, like towels, bed covers, silver ware, ...
  • things you do need to bring to .mx, like power bars, wifi cable, power plug adapters, passport, ticket, notebook...
  • if you receive travel sponsorship please check again that you have all requested documents (see the mail you got for that).

Stuff people need to know about the network setup:

  • dont have a dhcp server running
  • we redirect all mirrors as we have one local and not much bandwith (we will stream live video over the same link), so if you want the real one: edit your etc/hosts or use another dns, but please dont for normal apt-get!
  • whoever needs an account on any work machines provided down in .mx: accounts are given out on request. please mail your gpg keyid to joerg@debconf.org (recheck that address before finally sending the mail! may change!)

Stuff thats always interesting:

  • Eating times.